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allergies/gallbladder function
Posted by: Mary
Date: July 6, 2004 2:35 PM

Our 19 year old daughter was tested about 6 weeks ago for mercury toxicity. She had a mouthful of amalgams removed 2 years ago (improperly) and symptoms worsened. With DMPS challenge her mercury level was 7.3 ug/g, tin: 23 and lead 3.3, with traces of antimony, arsenic and thallium. Two of her worst complaints were headaches and constant fatigue. Her doctor (O.D. who is doing the chelation - IV DMPS with procaine which he says crosses blood brain barrier) said it was also important to test for food allergies due to the location of headaches right above the eyes. She turned up with low allergies to a number of foods - but higher levels to dairy and egg yolk. After further testing he made her some drops which neutralize effects of small amounts of the above. She has been taking 3 drops under tongue 2X/day. Headaches are much improved. Her stomach problems I thought were most likely due to leaky gut (I have e-mailed you before and you mentioned that this is often the case with mercury toxicity). The doctor discovered a very tender gall bladder and we just received results of a liver/gall bladder function test where radioactive dye was used...then 1.5 mcg of Kinevac (a fat, I believe) was injected. There was minimal gallbladder contraction, 5.5% at 7 minutes. The gallbladder then refilled. The report said: "Delayed gallbladder filling with radionucleotide and low gallbladder ejection fraction. These findings may correlate with a clinical impression of chronic or acalculous cholecystitis." The doctor wants to remove the gallbladder because of impaired function, although bile production is apparently O.K. Can function be restored through proper diet and/or supplements and do you think that allergies are involved? I just picked up that info in your liver/gallbladder article where you said allergies were often involved. Very interesting. She is about 30 lbs. overweight...most gained when her "stomach" started hurting about 6-7 months ago. We were trying to get the mercury issue cleared up before checking into the SanPharma protocol...but it sounds like maybe the gallbladder is the main issue. Since she is not digesting properly, could that be the reason for the severe fatigue and rapid weight gain? Am wondering if all of these digestive issues/food allergies are due to mercury sensitivity. I would like to save the gallbladder if possible, but am wondering if she is one of the few thousand cases which you speak about in which removal might be necessary? She is leaving Sept. 1st to study in Europe for 3 1/2 months so we are trying to do all we can to get her well. Thank you SO MUCH for your response and your committment to educate. Your site has helped us more than you can imagine. Mary

RE: allergies/gallbladder function
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: July 10, 2004 4:05 AM

I think yanking out the gall bladder at this time would be a rash move. The function of the gall bladder is to store emulcifiers which break up ingested fat so that it can be digested by enzymes (lipase from the pancreas). I believe it is designed to work correctly and if it is not then I would favor striving to get to the bottom of the problem rather than call the gall bladder the problem and remove it. Allergies often have an impact on the gall bladder. The classical ways of dealing with allergies are to identify them and avoid them and/or identify them and have an allergist give desensitization shots. The effects of mercury are so strange and varied, you always have to suspect mercury toxicity in a person who has an unexplained symptom in the presence of mercury. It is so absurd for dentists to install this toxin into human beings, but it keeps doctors in business, even though few docs know what to do with it. Excess weight in our culture is usually carbohydrate addiction/over-consumption and I expect it has almost nothing to do with a lethargic gall bladder.

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