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Amalgam removal
Posted by: Manoj
Date: June 19, 2004 7:57 PM

I recently found that I have mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. I have already removed one root canal and I can really feel the difference. I am planning to have oral chelation with cilantro and chlorella. I have noticed that my face is grey (up to neck) and have discoloration under the arm pits and groin area. After taking cilantro for few days I noticed a drastic change in the grey part of my face. My mind fog and depression faded away and my hair loss slowed down. I have read about DMSA/DMPS chelators. Unforfunately I can't find a chelation doctor in my country (India). Could you please advise on getting rid of this heavy metal from my body. Can I use DMSA without consulting a doctor?

RE: Amalgam removal
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: June 20, 2004 1:13 AM

DMSA and DMPS are prescription items requiring a doctor's order, at least in the U.S. Before using them, all amalgam must be removed or you will be wasting your money and time on the chelators. After removal you need to be properly tested and treated. Trying to remove mercury while you have dental amalgams is like going into the swimming pool with your towel and hoping to dry off. Can't be done. Here are some docs in India who might be able to help:

O.P. Agarwal, M.D. of Bareilly
Bhaskar Dayaram Rawar, M.D. of Bombay
Dhamanjay Mutabhai Shah, M.B., B.S. of Malad (W), Mumbai
S. Singh Sibia, M.D. of Luhhiana

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