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chronic pain
Posted by: Buttons
Date: January 3, 2000 8:50 PM

Iam a paraplegic who suffers with excrutiating, charlie horse cramps in one leg. Docs say pain is due to spinal nerve damage from injury to the spine. I have a Baclofen pump implanted in abdomen and had baclofen, morphine, clonodine, bupivicaine and combinations of these drugs administered into my spine through the pump. Four years, and three pain centers later, still no pain relief. I don't know where to go from here. If anyone knows of anything, pain studies, or procedures that may be of help to me, please reply.

chronic pain
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: January 5, 2000 6:45 AM

Muscle spasms, cramping, etc. are often caused by pharmaceutical agents and other toxic conditions. Sometimes the best medicine is no medicine.

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