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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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Prostate cancer and IV hydrogen peroxide
Posted by: Douglas
Date: December 2, 2003 3:07 AM

I have been taking H202 IVs for past 9 months for rising PSA since prostate cancer surgery 12 years ago. Lately I have developed a sensitivity to the IVs and doubt that I will be able to continue them. Since the H202 seems to be slowing down the PSA rise I want to continue H202 in some fashion. I wonder if H202 orally will offer a benefit equal to the IVs. I do have an IBS problem and hope the H202 won't cause stomach problems. See my PSA chart below:
7/91 Biopsy PSA = 22
Surgery 3/92
Gleason Score = 7
PSA % Chg PAP % Chg
Surgery 3/92 0.0 PAP
Sep-93 2.1 1.1
Oct-94 4.1 95% 2.2 100%
Jan-96 5.2 27% 1.3 -41%
Dec-96 7.7 48% 3.3 154%
Dec-97 11.8 53% 2.1 -36%
Oct-98 17.0 44% 3.7 76%
Sep-99 19.2 13% 3.9 5%
Jan-00 20.8 8% 6.3 62%
Dec-00 27.2 31% 4.4 -30%
May-01 32.2 18% 6/01- Lupron
July 01 1.5 -95%
Jan-02 1.9 25%
Apr-02 6.0 221%
Aug-02 17.0 183%
Oct-02 24.9 46% H202
Feb-03 24.5 -2% 3.7
6/11/03 36.7 50%
10/18/03 68.0 85%

Please give me your opinion on my next course of action.

RE: Prostate cancer and IV hydrogen peroxide
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: December 2, 2003 3:33 AM

Understand that I am not a urologist and that I will not be telling you what you should do next. Given that, let me make a few comments I hope you will find helpful. First, it is not possible to develop a "sensitivity" to IV hydrogen peroxide. There is nothing in a standard IV H2O2 treatment which is not already in your body and in fact necessary for life and health. As to oral H2O2, people who use it do report clinical benefits, however nothing like the benefits of the IV form. As to IBS, that should not be a problem as H2O2 is completely absorbed in the stomach and IBS occurs further down the digestive tract. I am not recommending that anyone use oral H2O2, but if one did that it should be only on an empty stomach as the H2O2 would oxidize whatever is in the stomach and itself be reduced. Therefore there could be no clinical benefit as clinical benefit correlates with the production of singlet oxygen in the blood. I can't tell what effect, if any, there would be on PSA levels.

RE: Prostate cancer and IV hydrogen peroxide
Posted by: Douglas
Date: December 2, 2003 1:58 PM

The burning sensation from the H202 IVs may be due to my scared small veins from so many IVs. They use a butterfly needle and a heat pad during IV to keep the cold and pain down. Do you have any suggestions as to needle or administration to alleviate my problems during infusion? (I am taking Flavonall and Vaucosin to open up veins.)

RE: Prostate cancer and IV hydrogen peroxide
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: December 2, 2003 4:41 PM

Use the antecubital veins only (crook of the arm), do not use the same vein twice in a row, heat the bottle to just over body temperature before infusion. The pain on infusion can be controlled by slowing the infusion. And finally you can always have a pic line (indwelling catheter).

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