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herpetic invasion of the cornea (herpetic keratitis)
Posted by: Janice
Date: November 17, 2003 4:15 AM

My mother had a corneal transplant in 1993. Everything went well until January, '01 when she somehow got herpes in her eye and it has been one trial after another. She recently had the worst flare up yet following an injection of steroids in her shoulder and knee for arthritic pain. Her doctor has tried all he knows to help her by juggling the use and nonuse of oral Acyclovir, Viroptic drops and increasing and decreasing the use of steroid drops. I asked him if we could try H2O2 therapy. He admitted he didn't know anything about it and asked me to bring him info on it. In the meantime he told us to go ahead with it. She has had 4 infusions. Her last visit for him to look in her eye showed no further sign of the virus. My question to you is this: how many of the infusions should she get in order to be safe that the virus is gone. She is due to go back and see him next Friday. He still has her on the Viroptic drops which he says is against the cornea. If she has need of further infusions we will certainly get them, but if not we will keep the $100 per infusion for something else.

RE: herpetic invasion of the cornea (herpetic keratitis)
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: November 17, 2003 2:26 PM

First of all, understand that the herpes virus does not disappear from the body, but simply goes into remission and lives in lymph nodes. About 30% of he population carries the virus and in most of those people symptoms are rare. What that tells us is that a competent immune system suppresses the virus to the point of irrelevance. Therefore, the objective is to maintain a competent immune system. IV hydrogen peroxide is one way to boost the immune system, in fact a very potent way. Long term immune competence depends on lifestyle and health habits. Regular and sufficient sleep, a diet low in simple and refined carbohydrates, regular exercise, low stress, emotional stability, supplementation with high quality vitamins and minerals, no smoking or drinking - all favor maintaining a competent immune system. The worst that happens in most people is an outbreak on the skin or mucous membranes. In your mother's case, her vision is threatened and this could lead to the necessity of another corneal transplant. I can tell you those are not pleasant, so in all probability when your mother understands the principles I have outlined above, she will want to become a "health nut." How many IV H2O2 treatments a person might require to put the virus in remission would depend on the status of that person's immune system to start with. Once in remission, theoretically, if there are no undetected conditions which compromise the immune system, it should be possible to prolong the remission indefinitely.

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