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oxygen therapy for CFS
Posted by: John
Date: August 15, 2003 2:59 AM

I suffer from chronic fatigue. I've started using powerful magnets on my temples and over my adrenals. So far the results seem promising. I've read the work of Dr. Philpott who recommends strong magnets, alkaline salts, and oxygen to take the body from an "acid-hypoxia" state to an alkaline oxygenated state. I'd like to add oxygen to my recovery program. There are no hyperbaric oxygen chambers near where I live that I know of so I thought I'd at least like to try breathing pure oxygen to see if this might have a positive effect. My question is: how long should a person breath oxygen if they were using it for this purpose? I didn't know whether you can overdo it and become dependent on pure oxygen or not. Should a person ever sleep, breathing pure oxygen or would that overdo it. I have a firefighters full face mask and regulator that would allow me to breath pure oxygen if I hooked it up to a air tank. Could you provide me with a protocol for oxygen that you think might be helpful for someone suffering with CFS possibly brought on by a chronic viral infection?

RE: oxygen therapy for CFS
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: August 15, 2003 3:36 AM

The answer is: "no." The reason the answer is "no" is that you inserted the clause "that you think might be useful." While oxygen saturation is important to health, and while a temporary increase in oxygen saturation can be achieved by breathing 100% oxygen, what matters in the long-run is the ability of your blood to maintain a high oxygen tension (96% saturation or higher). (This can be discovered in a routine lab test called the pO2.) Alkalinity is important in achieving high O2 saturation, but it is not the whole story. Plenty of sleep is also important. Diet and digestion are critically important as are exercise and spiritual practices. In your place, I would rethink my entire approach. While you can make a bad tasting cake taste better by plastering it with good icing, what you really want to do is bake a great cake to start with. Good health begins with good digestion. I suggest you read this article: This should give you a better direction. As far as viruses are concerned, these are signs, not causes. Everyone is exposed to viruses of all sorts. The fact that you retain them and nurture them means that you are a fertile field in which they can grow, that is to say your immune system is shot. The immune system goes down the drain in response to chronic toxicity, chronic stress, and prolonged use of antibiotics. The article I have recommended will suggest a direction out of that jungle. It may be a long trip, but it is one worth taking as it leads to health. The path you are following is just icing and will not lead to recovery although symptoms may partially abate as long as you stay on that program which is essentially a program to compensate for the real problem.

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