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Sick Daughter 5 Years/Candida?
Posted by: Debbie
Date: February 24, 2003 3:22 AM

My daughter has been sick for 5 years - she's now 17. It started all of a sudden with nausea off and on and occasional vomiting, and at that same time she started getting allergies and asthma. Then she started with sore throats too. She has periods when she's fine, then all of the sudden she's sick, which averages every couple weeks or almost off and on every week. I'm not sure what all her allergies are; she took weekly shots for 2 years without improvement. Her asthma did get better; she used an inhaler for a while and now the asthma is pretty much under control w/no meds.

The nausea will start out of the blue as will the sore throats. Sometimes the throat starts first, sometimes it's the nausea and she has sinus trouble also. Sometimes she vomits, sometimes she doesn't. She just is not well for a teenager. She also complains of her ankles and knees hurting and her back and she's tired (not to an extreme) but not real energetic - she doesn't sleep well though. She does however go to school full time and works part time - of her own accord. I told her she doesn't have to work, but she enjoys it. She also gets headaches, and is suffering with what they're calling "depression." She's now on Paxil. She's been on a ton of meds and seen a ton of doctors. Many have tried to say it's in her head, but believe me it's not. She's missed out on too many fun things.

She does however go through periods where she's perfectly fine. She had her tonsils removed last year due to severe sore throats, she still gets them, but not quite as severe, but just as often.

We've had every test, MRI's, endoscopies, gastric emptying scans, blood work and...4 years ago she tested positive for candida IgM 42.9. She also tested positive for EBV IgG 1.640, and EBV-NA 1.80. Her ECP (Eosinophils) were high 22.2 (range 1.5-5.5), insulin high 34.3 (range 1.82-17.08) and calcium slightly high. All the doctors said everyone has candida so every doctor has written us off, but I still think it may have something to do with her illness - does that sound possible?

I don't know what to do. I've gotten caprylic acid and acidophilus pills and garlic and am giving her 3000 mg vitamine C a day. Last year she went on a low carb diet with me (actually a version of the Atkins diet) and afterwards said she felt better while on the diet.

Does this sound like it could be candida related? I found a woman on the net last year whose daughter had nausea for 3 years and it was found to be candida overgrowth in the digestive tract. Is it possible to be dormant at times? At the time this started she was under a great deal of stress and her body may have been worn down, she doesn't handle stress well. She's also been on steriods several times due to a terrible allergy to poison ivy. I'm desperate. I can't stand to see my daughter suffer anymore. Sometimes she's so nauseous she can't lift her head off the pillow and other times her throat hurts so bad she can hardly talk. She just is not well for a teenager.

RE: Sick Daughter 5 Years/Candida?
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 24, 2003 3:57 AM

This sounds like a chronic toxic state of some kind which could be derived from sever dysbiosis. Read this article and see if it rings a bell and get back to me:

RE: Sick Daughter 5 Years/Candida?
Posted by: Debbie
Date: February 24, 2003 4:16 AM

My daughter has never had a cavity so therefore has had no fillings. She did, however, for several years wear braces, but those are long gone, and a metal retainer (full-time) for several years which we removed about 6 months ago. Besides that I can't think of any mercury sources. She's not a big fish or tuna eater, but she does eat a lot of carbs, bread/pasta, sugar-coated cereal, she loves Chinese food, and drinks diet soda, but a lot of water however.

She is probably about 50 lbs over weight, the nausea has in no way affected her appetite. It's peculiar you mention the poisoning effect because I have told folks before that when she's sick it sometimes looks like there are toxins trying to escape her body, even though I would have no real idea what that would look like. Her face sometimes gets a purplish look to it and she gets dark circles under her eyes. She also gets slight red specks on her face. Her tongue definitely has a whiteness to it (kind of pasty - with what looks like tiny raised white bumps on the very back of it). Do the positive test results for candida IgM mean anything - could any of this be related to candida, and would a leaky gut syndrome show up in an endoscopy - she's had two (they did show slight inflammation in the stomach), but nothing the doctors were worried about.

What should I do - I am scared for her and absolutely need to get her well. This is no way for a teenager to have to live.

RE: Sick Daughter 5 Years/Candida?
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 24, 2003 4:27 AM

One would not have to look beyond the diet you describe to account for enough acidity to initiate the process of leaky gut followed by a bacterial/fungal/yeast invasion of the gut wall leading to a chronic infection. From the lab test you mentioned and from the fact that she is overweight, she is apparently insulin resistant and in the early stages of diabetes which is probably her second most important problem at this stage. The white tongue is yeast/fungus. I consider that a sentinel sign that there is in all probability the overgrowth of those types of organisms further down the GI tract. Endoscopy never reveals a chronic infection of the gut wall, only lesions or acute infections. If you want to make an appointment, I would be happy to see your daughter. Probably that would involve some traveling. There are a few docs around who understand the problem, but very few, and very many fewer who know how to handle it effectively. This is one condition where I cannot honestly recommend anyone I know.

RE: Sick Daughter 5 Years/Candida?
Posted by: Debbie
Date: February 24, 2003 4:36 AM

So are you under the impression if I don't get this resolved soon, she will end up w/full blown diabetes and the down-hill slide will continue? I am surprised no doctors have raised a red flag to her condition and to these test results. It is very frustrating when doctors won't help or at least try to find a resource.

I am very worried, I may make an appointment with you; that is a long way for us to go. In the meantime, what kind of doctor should I look for and what should I tell him to look for specifically?

RE: Sick Daughter 5 Years/Candida?
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 24, 2003 4:47 AM

I am so sorry not to be able to answer that last question. What your daughter apparently has (gut wall infection) is a huge blind spot in medicine. There needs to be an association of doctors who understand the proper diagnosis and treatment of gut wall infection, but as far as I know that does not exist. As to diabetes, that is well understood, although the proper nutritional treatment of diabetes is also an area of tragic failure in mainstream medicine.

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