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Lyme disease, antibiotics and mercury
Posted by: Deborah
Date: November 21, 2002 7:57 PM

My 11 year old son (who also has high functioning autism) and I were both diagnosed with Lyme disease over two years ago. My son has unrelenting fatigue and joint pain, and positive blood tests on him indicated the presence of the Lyme bacteria. My diagnosis, however, was clinical and given to me by two very reputable docs in the field. I have suffered 8 years with fatigue, joint pain, sore throats and constantly increasing neurological symtoms. In addition to horrible fatigue unrelieved by sleep, I now have eye pain, floaters, occasional dizziness, memory problems, facial pain, numbness in arm, digestive issues, heart palpitations (seem related to the poor digestion), cold hands and lips, bladder pressure, etc. I worry I'm not going to make it sometimes, and esp. the worry about my son's non-stop fatigue makes me under more stress. (I was negative for Lupus, arthritis, etc.)

Both of us were treated with over a year of powerful antibiotics of several kinds (and taken many supplements), and neither of us showed any improvement whatsoever, so we stopped antibiotic treatment. We then tried an expensive colloidal silver product for two months and had no response either. We have tried homeopathy and naturopathy, though never tried special diets as some families do for their autistic children (gluten/casein free). My son is so fussy, he'd probably starve before he would give up macaroni and cheese.

I find it intriguing that we were both given the Lyme diagnosis and both didn't respond to the treatment and wonder how our illnesses might be connected. He breastfed for 4 years and could have gotten mercury through breast milk (is this true?) as I do have many amalgams and have eaten fish in the past (though have been vegetarian 13 years and so is he.) He also could have mercury from vaccinations which you know are also linked to autism.

Could mercury in both our systems be impairing our immune systems to such an extent that the antibiotics can't work? Or could mercury be causing our symtoms? (though remember, my son did get blood work confirming Lyme). We had a hair analysis done on my son and it did show high mercury (are these inexpensive hair tests to be trusted?)

The other possibility is some kind of resistance built to antibiotics from overuse. My son has quite a history of antibiotic use as he was given them at birth (they saw some infection in his blood, perhaps born with Lyme?) and then he suffered from unrelenting ear infections and was given one to two years of increasingly powerful antibiotics. Lastly of course the year of powerful antibiotics for the Lyme. I suspect now that antibiotics might be the problem, not the solution, esp. if they caused a systemic yeast infection in him. But I keep coming back to mercury as I heard antibiotics can prevent the mercury from leaving the system, and it seems both he and I are suffering from some kind of immune system compromise which has at its base something even stronger than the Lyme bacteria.

RE: Lyme disease, antibiotics and mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: November 21, 2002 10:19 PM

Mercury is an enormous health problem in society, even more so because it is usually not suspected and therefore not addressed. Lyme's is also an insidious illness and can continue to manifest symptoms even after the organism is long gone. If all mercury sources are eliminated then it would be a rational thing to do to get a DMPS Challenge Test for heavy metals. Then you would know what you are dealing with. I consider hair analyses not exactly worthless, but living next door to worthless. Diet is not a bad idea to improve health and autistic kids are no different from other kids in that when they are hungry enough even healthy food looks good. By the way, a relatively new therapy for autism is intravenous L-glutathione. I have had wonderful success with this treatment. It does have to be repeated every 10 days or so, but the clinical improvement is palpable.

We list several East Coast docs on our website. Click on Find A Doctor above, and follow the instructions. If no one comes up close enough, we do keep a larger list of docs who have not joined out website, but who practice excellent medicine. Use the Physician Referral Service to access those people.

RE: Lyme disease, antibiotics and mercury
Posted by: Deborah
Date: November 22, 2002 6:19 PM

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me anything about the affect of antibiotic use on systemic mercury? I am curious if the overuse of antibiotics in children especially (like my son) can exacerbate the mercury problem. Also, is it safe for children to undergo chelation?

RE: Lyme disease, antibiotics and mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: November 24, 2002 3:24 PM

There is no direct interaction between mercury and antibiotics, although both tend to disable the immune system and the function of the digestive tract. Properly administered, chelation of children is perfectly safe.

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