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mercury poisoning and leaky gut
Posted by: Debby
Date: September 8, 2002 3:05 AM

I have been fighting CFS, chronic yeast and leaky gut for 15 years - western doctors had me on every anti-depressant possible (all of which did not work); I went to Dr. Levin in New York for the yeast and he cured me 60%, then put me on massive doses of Nystatin and parasite medicine, and I gained about 15-20 lbs in one week - this was 5 years ago - I'm still trying to lose the weight and stopped seeing him as a result of the weight gain. Anyway, I believe the mercury has caused leaky gut; I'm bloated all the time, retain tremendous gas, have constipation and have problems losing weight (I've never had a weight problem before, in fact, I'm an ex-marathon runner). I also had fatigue. I had all my fillings taken out 5 years ago and my health improved 50%. I had my root canal taken out one year ago, and my health improved another 10% - it's that last 30-40% that's driving me crazy. I have had about 5-6 chelation treatments after the amalgam removal (5 years ago). Do you think I did not have enough of them? Should I have more treatments? Also, I like the portion of your web site that talks about the German products: San Pharma and Pekana as well as oral Chorella and the Penacillamine. Can you please recommend a doctor in New York City that follows this protocol? I'm having a tough time finding one. Also, do you believe that in reading my background that the German med protocol and Penacillamine etc. would help me in addition to more DMPS chelation? Or , maybe, I don't need more DMPS, just the med/vitamin protocol ?

RE: mercury poisoning and leaky gut
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 8, 2002 1:55 PM

What may be left over in your case is gut wall infection and possibly residual mercury in the central nervous system. If you did have "leaky gut" that means bacteria escaped into the gut wall. Once they set up shop in that location nothing I know of kills them off except the SanPharma remedies. As to mercury in the CNS, that does not come out with DMPS or DMSA as they do not cross the blood brain barrier. That is why we use Penicillamine as it does cross the BBB. Oral DMSA and oral Penicillamine is the treatment of choice for mercury toxicity. DMPS should be used only for the DMPS Challenge Test. I have combined nutritional medicine, conventional medicine (chelation), naturopathic medicine and homeopathy to deal with the type of situation you apparently have. I do not know anyone else who does this, although they may exist. Therefore, for the problem you apparently have there is no one I can recommend in good faith. I can see you, but of course you would have to come to Santa Rosa one time. After that we can have our follow-ups and coordinate treatment by phone. For a deeper understanding of what may be the problem, read this:

RE: mercury poisoning and leaky gut
Posted by: Debby
Date: September 8, 2002 5:26 PM

Thank you for your response, - it sounds like I probably have an infectiOn in my gut wall -and I'm looking forward to not haivng the DMPS chelation anymore as they are painful and exhausting. The good news is that I get the No. Calif on biz - I will try to get there in 2-3 weeks - I would adore to see you, get situated, then work by phone - I feel strongly that your products and protocol could be my answer - thanks again, an d I hope to see you in a few weeks. By the way, the site you just referred me to re: mercury and leaky gut is where I originally found you - Google was the search engine, then your site came up - there may be a god in this somewhere! One last your protocol with Penacillmine, San Pharma and Pekana and oral chelation exhausting and debilitating? I have a big job and need my energy, so I'm hoping that your protocol doesn't set one back during recovery like the needle in the arm DMSA chelation does. This is an important question for me; I'll still come see you as I need to get better. I would just like to brace myself for a bad fatigue factor.

RE: mercury poisoning and leaky gut
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 8, 2002 7:13 PM

I will not tell you that you will not feel some extra fatigue as you go through the protocol, but it should be primarily in the first hour after you awake in the morning and it should not be debilitating as the Pekana homeopathic drainage remedies are used to control the Herxheimer reaction from the SanPharma remedies taken the night before. As to mercury, DMSA should be prescribed at a dose which does not knock a person out. That is the whole point of doing the DMPS Challenge Test - to see what a person can tolerate without inducing toxicity. When you have a date for your visit, let me know as far in advance as possible so I can work you into my schedule.

RE: mercury poisoning and leaky gut
Posted by: Debby
Date: September 9, 2002 11:57 AM

Thank you for all your feedback - I'll call your office for an appointment as soon as I get my dates confirmed.

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