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Ammonia-like urine
Posted by: Cara
Date: September 3, 2002 9:59 PM

I am a 44 year old female. Very alarming to me is the fact that my urine, often if I have not had plenty to drink, for instance the first thing in the morning, has a strong odor of ammonia. This cannot be good for my body. This has been for several years and I have not had any satisfactory explanation by any doctor. Perhaps related is a recent and increasing pain under right rib cage (liver?) and additional and similar pain below the left rib cage (pancreas?). Although there are other nagging issues, these seem to be the most worrisome. I have a few tests to detect tumors or ?, re: the pain such as ultrasound and the drinking of horrific white liquid with x-rays but came out okay........on and off vertigo, perhaps unrelated is also something I have dealt with for 15 years. The doctors say it is an inner-ear virus which I can do nothing about. I am often thirsty and get up during the night to urinate if I drink plenty of water but have always tested okay on blood sugar tests for diabetes. I have recently given up wheat and processed sugar. Fruit and honey in small amounts and Yerba Matte instead of coffee however are part of my diet. Thank you very much for your incredible website and your reasonable prices for inquiry.

RE: Ammonia-like urine
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 4, 2002 2:45 AM

While I can't diagnose over the Internet due to practical and medical-legal constraints, I can tell you that ammonia is one of the waste products of the body and that it comes from breakdown of bacteria and from breakdown of muscle tissue. The kidneys are excretory organs and if ammonia is present, they will excrete it and it will smell like ammonia, especially if the urine is concentrated. One explanation for vague pains under the left and right sides of the rib cage is a congested and toxic colon. If this condition is present the toxic material given off will be at least partially absorbed into the circulation and some of it will be presented to the kidneys to be filtered out. It all kind of makes sense but of course I could be wrong and I am presenting this to you only as a possibility. If this is the case, colon therapy would be the most direct way to deal with the problem.

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