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Chelation Therapy
Posted by: Leo
Date: August 24, 2002 6:32 PM

I have just had a coronary calcium scanning report done producing a score of 136. I have no shortness of breath and exercise moderately every day. I have been moving towards a predominantly raw vegetable and fruit diet with fish and occasional chicken but no red meat and very little dairy. The reason for the scan was that I had a BP of 150/100 on waking and during the day 140/90 going down after exercise and in the evening to 130/80. When I recently did a weeks fast (detox) in Thailand my BP went down to 120/80 and stayed there for a month after I had finished but climbed back again slowly. I am 61 years old with some overweight at 87 KG. My cholesterol is borderline high but the LDL is low and HDL high and the Triglycerides also slightly high. My doctor is recomending a calcium channel blocker and after the scan they will suggest aspirin or even statins. I am unhappy about these suggestions. I am about to be put on a route towards a slow decline ending eventually in surgery. Chelation seems to offer some hope of avoiding that.

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RE: Chelation Therapy
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: August 29, 2002 4:23 AM

You are right to pursue IV chelation therapy and if there is evidence of plaque formation, you may want to consider Plaquex also. Your move toward diet and exercise are also correct except for eating all that fish (mercury overload). I do not consider drug therapy worth the risks. To keep blood pressure under control there is no better method than anaerobic exericise (weight lifting).

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