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first foods
Posted by: Rebecca
Date: July 18, 2002 9:43 PM

My son is 18 months old. He's very healthy and smart except that from about three months on he became very colicy. I breast fed him and had to go on a very strict elimination diet to stop the screaming (no dairy, wheat or sugar, not even honey, not even a trace). Still he would get very gassy and wake up several times a night (especially if I slipped on my diet). At 6 months I tried him on organic brown rice cereal which he definitely was not ready for (took a good month to work that one out). I also tried bananas and avacados, which didn't work either. His doctor reccomended waiting until he was a year to start him on solids. He wasn't ready until 16 months. I gave him goat yogurt which he handled very well except that he started having tantrums non-stop all day. They stopped when I stopped feeding him the yogurt. I tried bananas again and then avacados and it worked this time, but he still can't eat the rice cereal and gets very constipated from the bananas (he still breast feeds of course). He often cries when he poos after being constipated for awhile. Carrots and apples are no good, but the juices are OK, in small watered down amounts. Every food I introduce I start with small quantities and work my way up. I am agonizing over what food to try next. If he can't digest something he gets very gassy, constipated and fitful at night and crabby during the day. I am wondering if he is still unable to digest complex carbohydrates. I am considering white rice instead. I really don't know enough about it and neither do his doctors. Sometimes I think its partially the stress of teething (he's got 12 and 2 coming). Do you know why this would happen? What foods would you reccomend?

RE: first foods
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: July 19, 2002 3:12 AM

I will refrain from recommending any particular foods and tell you that some people begin life unable to produce sufficient enzymes to digest food well. High quality powdered oral enzymes mixed with the food solves that problem. Later in life such a person may or may not develop the ability to produce enzymes in sufficient amounts. Some people require, or at least need support in this area all their lives. In getting started it may be useful to add a high quality probiotic as the production of gas indicates dysbiosis.

Parenthetically, let me just comment that few people can completely digest cooked food as our bodies were not designed for this, but most folks go through life rather gassy and just putting up with it. Raw food is much more easily digested as it comes with its own intact enzymes. Cooking destroys those enzymes.

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