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Tired of Being Sick
Posted by: Lynn
Date: April 11, 2002 1:13 AM

I have Endometrosis. I've had 3 Laparoscopic surgeries for this condition along with meds. Curently I am taking Aygentin.About 5 years ago my health went wild. I have always been very petite. But then I lost over 20 lbs in a short period of time. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, "nothing is wrong, it is all in my head, and it's something that I have to learn to live with." Then I started putting on weight and bloating with fluid retension. Soon afterwards I went through my change of life prematurely. I am wondering if the bloating or fluid retention is being caused by the endometrosis, hormones or possibly the adrenal gland (salt and potasium imbalance)? Or is this all part of Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome.

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RE: Tired of Being Sick
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: April 11, 2002 3:26 PM

Bloating is caused by a digestive disorder - usually infection of the gut wall. Fluid retention reflects toxicity, usually generalized and responds to good detox procedures. These subjects are extensively covered already in this web site. Use Search this Site to find the information.

RE: Tired of Being Sick
Posted by: Lynn
Date: April 11, 2002 10:42 PM

You don't think this is due to Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome? Or Adrenal Gland in relationship to salt and potassium?

RE: Tired of Being Sick
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: April 12, 2002 2:33 AM

Not having the opportunity to examine you, I do not think anything. I can tell you that statistically speaking, it is rarely that simple.

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