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Pockets of swelling
Posted by: Marie
Date: December 18, 1999 3:40 AM

I have pockets of swelling that do not indent when pressed and no amount of rest fixes. Initially these pockets were just around lower leg/ankle, then feet (in front of both big toes) and now just above the wrists. They come on identical areas of both legs, feet, arms etc. and once there have remained. GP does not know cause and no treatment will help as it is different swelling from that of edema.

Pockets of swelling
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 20, 1999 4:48 AM

What comes to mind is myedema. This is a non-pitting edema which sometimes accompanies hypothyroidism. It is very different from water retention (pitting) edema which will leave an indentation if you put finger point pressure on it for a few seconds. When you put pressure on myxedema it simply pops back into place as soon as the pressure is released.

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