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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
Welcome to Ask Dr. Kennedy. We encourage you to post your comments and questions here. We look forward to challenging questions as they are an education for us as well as for you. Please consider the following guidelines when posting:

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Posted by: Beth Spiller
Date: December 15, 1999 12:23 PM

My sister (19 at the time) suffered from recurrent tonsilitis this time last year, which ended up (after numerous different courses of antibiotics) with her having a tonsilectomy as apparently her tonsils were very severely damaged from about 9 months of constant infection. I noticed your reply to the other person asking about tonsils. Are you saying that there can be other approaches that were not tried? (She has not had any problems since.)

Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 18, 1999 12:58 AM

Yes there are effective ways of fighting infections which do not involve antibiotics. The tonsils are an important part of the immune system and, in my view, should almost never be sacrificed.

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