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Small Bile Pieces in Mouth
Posted by: Lisa
Date: February 22, 2002 4:00 AM

I am a 25-year old female, and I have had this embarrassing health problem for 10 years. The individual pieces are small (pin-head sized), but they are usually stuck together, forming clusters that can be as large as an apple seed. The color varies from white to a greenish-yellow. The strong odor indicates that these are pieces of bile.

I get a scratchy feeling in my throat or I cough, and then I feel it in my mouth. It causes my breath to be awful, obviously. Sometimes weeks pass and I don't notice it, other times it is a constant issue. On the worst days, the total amount might equal the size of a gel cap. I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I am making significant positive changes in my diet, and I hope these will help.

I have never found anyone else experiencing this, and that worries me most of all.

RE: Small Bile Pieces in Mouth
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 22, 2002 10:00 PM

Interesting situation. Unless you have an anatomical anomaly, there are two valves between your mouth and where the bile duct empties into the small intestine - one at the juncture of the esophagus and the stomach and the other at the juncture of the stomach and the duodenum. Neither one is designed to admit food particles retrograde. Also, peristalsis is supposed to carry food downstream, not upstream. As this has been present for 10 years it is unlikely to be a life threatening problem. There may be an anomaly there which could be repaired. The other possibility, and it is a good one, is that because it appears when you cough, it comes from the lungs. I suggest you save a few and take them to an internist for examination.

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