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pelvic pain
Posted by: Kathy
Date: February 14, 2002 1:44 AM

I recently went to my gynocologist to have a yearly check up. I have been having some pain on my lower left side. He took a urine sample and everything came back fine. He ordered an ultrasound and is going to check my kidney and pelvic region. Along with the discomfort comes a lot of pressure on my bladder which comes and goes a little like the pain. He also did a blood test. If there any cancer in my pelvic area or kidney would it show up in a blood test?

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RE: pelvic pain
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 14, 2002 2:59 AM

Blood tests do not diagnose cancer, but some can raise suspicion. The usual tests doctors do to help them clarify their investigations when cancer is suspected are the CEA (Carcino-Embryonic Antigen) (blood) and 5-hydroxy-indole-acetic acid (urine). There are a variety of other tests, some of which are offered by specialty labs, which correlate with the presence or absence of cancer. Probably the best one is the AMAS (anti-malignin antibody serum) test. No test is 100% accurate. They all have false positives and false negatives. Other things docs do to diagnose or rule out cancer are MRIs and exploratory surgery. Only a spot of tissue under a microscope can diagnose cancer without any doubt. With the symptoms you describe cancerous and non-cancerous conditions of the desdending (and possibly sigmoid) colon, the ovary and Fallopian tube on that side as well as the bladder should be considered.

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