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Sanum Remedies & Breast Implant Rupture
Posted by: Colleen Hartford
Date: February 9, 2002 11:29 AM

I am a darkfield microscopist and learned through Michael Coyle. I remember the Sanum Remedies, but never took the classes. Next week I am scheduled to have my 17 year old polyurethane covered implants removed. I have just recently learned that one of them ruptured. Are there any of Enderlein's remedies that will help remove the silicone out of my body?

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RE: Sanum Remedies & Breast Implant Rupture
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 9, 2002 2:34 PM

The silicone in breast implants are in a variety of silicon containing molecules; they are not a single discreet compound. If excess elemental silicon is released to the body from these silicone containing molecules, DMSA will chelate out the portion that is extracellular and water soluble. With time it should be removed by the natural mechanisms of the body. The Pekana drainage remedies should be of some help in accelerating the process. I do not know the half-life of these types of molecular structures in the body, but progress can be followed with your dark field microscope. The presence of silicone after rupture is readily visible in the smallest drop of blood on darkfield.

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