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Breast cancer that went to lungs and bones
Posted by: Denise
Date: February 8, 2002 5:05 PM

My concern is my breast cancer which went to my lungs and bones.
In 1994 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy of the right breast with reconstructive surgery, known as a transflap. I had no chemo at that time because it was very small and there was no lump. In mid 1999, it appreared in my left lung. I had surgery to remove it and proceeded with chemo and it seems like it really never went away. I did go off of treatment for maybe 4-6 months but ended up back on it. Many different chemos were tried. In January, 2001 they took a bone scan and found it was in my bones. I've continued with treatments. One treatment seemed to work but I was allergic to it.

My last one was in August of 2001. When I saw my doctor in Phoenix he said the spots in my lungs were very small, this was in early December, 2001. In January, 2002 my right hip, which is were the majority of my problem is, although there are many bone lesions, started to be really painful. I went back to my doctor in Phoenix where he did a bone scan. He said that it had worsen and suggested radiation and chemo treatment. I told him I was moving back to WI and that I would talk to my doctor there.

I see my WI doctor this afternoon. The nurses here say she'll probably do the same as the doctor in Phoenix. I've been working with my health lady, just over a year, trying to build up and get my system to rid the poisons. She does not know how to fix the bone cancer besides calcium plus and other density build ups. I've been on this 'bone' treatment called Aredia and now they changed me to Zometa because it's suppose to be better and quicker to distribute. I stopped exercising when I moved out to Phoenix in September of 2001, but I started back up just this week.

I'm not sure what I should do. I think my health lady is helping me but she doesn't know what to do with the bone cancer. She feels confident about building my immune system up but she asked me to send you a note. I'm guessing my doctor here will probably order a chest x-ray to see if anything else developed.

Can you give me any suggestions?

RE: Breast cancer that went to lungs and bones
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 8, 2002 6:03 PM

For a person in your position, I recommend that you select the doctor you trust (a board certified oncologist) and then follow that person's directions exactly. Become fully informed about the nature of the treatment offered and the results your doctor expects to achieve with you. Be your doctor's partner in carrying out the treatment program and also think for yourself. Ask questions - make a list before you visit your doc and refer to the list to be sure you get all your questions answered. Ask for the privilege of emailing further questions to your doctor as they occur to you and to receive prompt answers. If your doc is not open to this, select another doctor who is. Most oncologists are not informed about the value of natural medicine in producing better outcomes from their treatment, so I suggest you also find a doctor who practices nutritional medicine. Perhaps your friend at the health food store can recommend someone locally. Here is the name and phone number of a person who is extremely well informed about using nutrition to augment medical therapies in cancer patients: Patrick Quilan, Ph.D., 918-495-1137. If I am not mistaken Patrick is on the staff of a hospital in Oklahoma which combines mainstream and nutritional approaches to cancer therapy.

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