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Posted by: Nasrin
Date: January 22, 2002 5:38 PM

--age 46
--length of severe headache 6 years
--2 times in a month, shortly before and after menstruation
--starting from right shoulder and radiating to the right side of head and eye
--white coating on the tongue--strong sensitivity to odors (chemical, perfume, cigarette smoke, vinegar, herbs, any scented items)
--bad taste in mouth
--sometimes feeling of vomiting
--no pain killer helps
--I have the feeling that my hormonal balance is disturbed
--recently I have heavy bloating and flatulence
--I have tried : multiple vitamin/mineral formulas, adrenal support formulas, thyroid support formulas, dong quai, mexican yam extracts, calcium magnesium supplements, flax seed oil, MSM, vitamin C, digestive aid .....
I feel I am not hypoglycemic as before but no help for my headache.
--I am taking now: multiple vitamin mineral formula , cal/mag formula, sisu plant enzyme, and thyroid support formula. Beside this headache some times at night I have pulling legs (stretch backward of tight muscle involuntarily and very strong). My question: what can you do for my headache which bothers me a lot and during which I can do nothing at all. Do you recommend hormonal test or hormone replacement therapy? Is there any safe hormone replacement therapy?

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RE: headache
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 22, 2002 10:12 PM

Headaches originate from mechanical or metabolic irritation of the afferent nerve net which encases the vasculature of the brain, its covering (the meninges), or the skull. Examples of a mechanical irritation would be a blow to the head and hypertension. Metabolic irritation can come from a disturbance in the body's normal biochemistry or from the production of toxins somewhere in the body (most commonly the GI tract). Given the reliable cyclicity of your headache, the cause at least includes a metabolic irritation. It is likely that an excess of something, most likely a hormone, is made at specific times during your cycle. Tracking that down may require some sophistocated testing. I suggest your doctor start with a 24 hour urine collection hormone panel during the time of the headache. Heavy bloating and flatulence and the thick coating on the tongue indicate a profound disturbance of the GI tract. (Use the Search function and read up on GALT). This alone can cause severe headaches. (continued...)

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Re: headache
Posted by: drron
Date: October 29, 2007 12:57 AM

(...continued) Fungus/yeast on the tongue indicates a deep-seated weakness in the immune system. That needs to be rooted out and the only way I have found to do it is with diet and the SanPharma remedies. I know you have done everything you can to establish alkalinity (from a previous correspondence) however you can check to see if you got the job done by buying some pH paper. One should be able to turn the paper purple with saliva or urine. Other sources of toxicity are heavy metals (usually from dental amalgams) and what I call the generalized toxicity syndrome - an accumulation of herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, etc. You may need detox. The leg cramping often accompanies toxicity, often of the pharmaceutical medication variety, that is to say a "side-effect." That is about as far as I can go without seeing and examining you in person.

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