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Adrenal exhaustion
Posted by: Yildiz
Date: January 20, 2002 9:09 PM

I have adrenal exhaustion. It was diagnosed by ASI test. ASI test result showed that I was very close to complete adrenal failure. I am living in Turkey. I am taking ACE, Pregnenolone and Seriphos. I have started using these about a year ago and my improvement is quite slow. How long would you think it will take for the adrenals to recover themselves if one was at the border of adrenal failure when started taking ACE? Do I not have any chances of improvement because of the level of my adrenal failure? Can one recover form adrenal exhaustion no matter what level he is in or is recovery not possible for some cases? I read at your site that licorice would help. My afternoon cortisol value is low and others are in normal limits. In that case can I use Licorice three times a day as you have recommended or should I use it only in the afternoon when my cortisol value is low?

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RE: Adrenal exhaustion
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 20, 2002 11:31 PM

In general, hypoadrenalism does not occur in isolation any more than the left arm exists independently from the rest of the body. Stress overwhelms the body only when the natural adaptive mechanisms are exhausted. The response to such stress is the overproduction of ACTH which whips the adrenal gland to adapt by producing more cortisol and its friends until the adrenal gland can no longer respond. The cells do not die, they simply go into early retirement. Regeneration of those cells involves relieving the stress and paying attention to restoring health to the entire body rather than whipping the adrenals some more to see if they will change their minds and come out of retirement. Diet, exercise, lowing of stress, and establishing a stable emotional and spiritual life are all involved in restoring health. If you can find someone skilled in the use of the Pekana remedies, these Gernam spagyric homeopathics have great potency in re-establishing balance to the various systems of the body.

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