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low body temperature
Posted by: Roy R. Allen
Date: December 5, 2001 5:43 PM

Dear Dr. Kennedy,
First let say thanks for your wonderful web site. In your answer to Cheryl's question about low body temperature you stated that only about 5% of the cases you see are wilson's syndrome. The rest are chronic infection, usually of the gut wall lymph tissue. My oral temp is usually below 98 degrees. My basal temp by the Barnes Test averages 97.1. My thyroid panel, including reverse T3 is always in the normal range. My doctor, who is my son in law, says I should not be on any thyroid supplementation due to the fact that I have episodes of atrial fibrillation. I know from a number of years of experience that these episodes are triggered by upper digestive tract gas. Sometimes, if I can get the gas expelled quickly enough, I can stop the AF. I showed him your answer to Cheryl's question. He said he would be willing to get the SanPharma Remedies for me but he is completely in the dark about their use. I went on their web site. From what I can tell the proper formulas for gut problems are Roqueforti, Subtilis and Firmus. Any assistance you can give me in this matter will be greatly appreciated. I am a very active 74 year old. I seem to be in good health. My cardiologist says my heart is good, and my son in law says my overall health is good, but I know the stomach gas and related palpatations are not normal. I also know my body temperature should not be so low. I have tried HCL/Pepsin. Sometimes it seems to help, but other times is seems to make the gas problem worse.

Thanks, Roy Allen

RE: low body temperature
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: December 6, 2001 12:35 AM

Chronic persistent gas formation is a reliable sign of GALT infection. GALT stands for Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue - that is to say the major part of the immune system which is located in the gut wall. In a condition of chronic infection, the gut wall is unable to regulate the bacterial flora and a condition of dysbiosis results. Under these conditions dysbiotic bacteria proliferate in the gut and produce gas. The SanPharma remedies retrain the immune system to function properly and thus eliminate the chronic infection. Their use should be under the supervision of an experienced physician.

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