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easy bruisability
Posted by: Carol
Date: December 2, 2001 4:25 AM

My husband has frequent bruising on his arms at and below the elbows. He does take several heart medicines. Could this be a side effect of any of them? Also, there was mention of purpura as a condition with this symptom. How do we find out if he could have this condition? And is there a cure or treatment? He is using bioflavanoids as we thought this would help the bruising.

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RE: easy bruisability
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: December 2, 2001 1:41 PM

Easy bruisability is a complex phenomenon and easy bruisability can be a very generic sign in many cases unless a person is taking a drug with specifically inhibits clotting such as Heparin, aspirin, high dose Vit. E, and there are many others. Each drug can be looked up on the Internet with side-effects listed. Easy bruisability, not related to a specific drug side-effect stands, similar to serum Albumin level, as a general indication of generalized poor health. "Generalized poor health" is, believe it or not, a useful diagnosis because it leads to effective specific therapies. Of course one of the causes of generalized poor health can be age, but unless one is approaching one's true genetic limit on life, this is not a useful or even valid diagnosis. Otherwise, to help a peson in the goal of reversing generalized poor health, or what one could also call "premature aging,"I really would have to see and evaluate that person in the flesh as the list of potential items which may need correction are so numerous, you could say they have lead to the creation of this web site. I will mention the two starting points of health in their proper order of importance: (1) attitude - which leads to education, (2) digestion - which really requires the intervention of a competent clinician, (3) diet - fresh organically grown foods, (4) alkalinity - which will inevitably be a result of doing the first three correctly, (5) hormone replacement to balanced, youthful levels, (6) plenty of rest, exercise and a good emotional life. (When I look at that list, it is not clear to me that the order is correct, but you get the idea - they are all very important.) So, unless you find a specific cause of easy bruisability such as taking loads of a drug which causes it, you are up against a complete overhaul.

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