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Kidney disease (chronic renal failure)
Posted by: John Wyant
Date: November 20, 1999 7:23 PM

I have chronic renal failure. Are there any ways, or supplements to improve my condition? I know kidney damage is irreversible, but is there anything I can do to stop any further damage so I can avoid the need for a transplant in the near future?

Kidney disease (chronic renal failure)
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: November 21, 1999 11:01 PM

There are about one million filtration units (glomeruli) in a healthy kidney. You need at least 10% of them functioning at full capacity to keep you alive. Kidney failure intervenes when there are an insufficient number of functioning glomeruli. Unless they have been rendered only temporarily incapacitated by an acute illness, and if they are dead and gone, they are not coming back. If this is the case, at least there is now dialysis and transplantation whereas before there was only early death. There are homeopathic drainage remedies which help keep the kidneys healthy. My favorite is Renelix by Pekana. These should be given only on your doctor's recommendation. Naturally you want to avoid consuming items which are especially hard for the kidneys to handle such as any unnecessary diuretics, e.g. alcohol and caffeine. Intake of any xenobiotics (pharmaceuticals) or recreational drugs should be held to the minimum required to sustain life. And, of course, you will want to consume only distilled water thus making it easier for the kidneys to filter. The sweat glands can be thought of as a fleet of tiny kidneys and you may want to find a sauna in which you can spend some regular time sweating it out taking part of the burden away from your kidneys. In this same vein you would want to maintain a clean digestive tract. Plenty of fiber in the form of plant food supplemented by psyllium husks, periodic colon cleansing and enemas would help in this regard. Whatever toxins can be excreted by the other organs of detoxification take that much load off the kidneys. The other organs of detoxification are: GI tract, lungs, and sweat glands. Air filtration and deep breathing exercises are also useful. Naturally a low stress life helps. All that one eats produces metabolic waste products which must be excreted. Of course one should not stop eating, but make certain you are not one of those folks who eats for recreation and not hunger.

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