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Polyurethane breast implants
Posted by: Miranda
Date: October 21, 2001 3:55 PM

I read your article on cancer prevention, mentioning breast implants as one of the causes of cancer. I am particularly interested in what you said about the Polyurethane foam covered breast implants. Unfortunately, I know from experience what these implants can really cause. Cancer is yet the final stage I havenít got to yet. But sick I definitely am. The latest diagnosis I can add to all the other ones is the autoimmune disease I have which directs itself against the thyroid and causes hypothyroidism. I have to take thyroid hormones for this now. Because of my medical background and personal experience, I have set up a Charitable Association ( for the victims of PU foam-covered breast implants. Also for myself I have still to find a surgeon to have these implants and polyurethane fragments removed. I hope my web page, which is a bundle of most useful information, will create awareness and help; I and so many other people desperately seek. Dr. Samuel Epstein you are familiar with has also written a special article on breast implants and PU foam-covered breast implants and its carcinogenic properties. Can I ask you for advice on how to come into contact with people supporting me to bring awareness to this problem, especially professionals working in the medical field, or media related professionals?

RE: Polyurethane breast implants
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 23, 2001 1:40 AM

Clearly define the purpose and goals of your organization, then communicate and enroll. Give talks. Write a book. The Internet is a good way to start. I will leave up your posting and perhaps this will help.

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