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Comparison of tests for hypothyroidism
Posted by: Joe
Date: October 19, 2001 2:07 PM

What is the most accurate test for hypothyroidism (eg, morning temperature, achilles reflex, blood T3/T4/TSH, etc.)? If I supplement with the proper amount of Armour thyroid in order to bring my blood T3 and T4 into the normal range, would it be "normal" for my blood TSH to drop below normal range?

RE: Comparison of tests for hypothyroidism
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 19, 2001 3:32 PM

24 hour urine collection for thyroid hormone levels is the very best way to test for thyroid function. There are, however, complicating factors which slow metabolism even in the presence of the euthyroid state. The most common complicating factor which slows metabolic rate is chronic infection and the most common chronic infection is in the lymphoid tissue of the gut. That sort of infection can endure for a lifetime and usually goes undetected, even by sharp doctors. Chronic infection lowers body temperature and slows metabolic rate. Also, heavy metal toxicity will do this as well, mercury from dental amalgams being the most common offender. Such complicating factors make it difficult to judge proper thyroid dose and should be dealt with directly rather than compensated for by overdosing thyroid. After age 40 Armour is no longer the ideal replacement therapy and Time Release T3 (a compounded item) is. If thyroid levels are normal, TSH should remain in normal range.

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