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Posted by: Angela
Date: October 2, 2001 2:07 PM

Recently I had a urine test to see how my risk of osteoporosis was. The results came back as 75, which is extremely high for my age, 41 years and not menopausal. Any thoughts on how to improve this? Also which foods have quantities of boron in them? Osteoporosis seems to be an incresing problem in our society. I might add i am very health conscious, almost vegan, rarely have dairy products, minimal exercise.

RE: osteoporosis
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 3, 2001 1:00 AM

The major cause of osteoporosis is acidity which derives from (1) an unhealthy diet, i.e. a predominately cooked food diet, (2) aging, (3) loss of sex steroid levels, (4) lack of exercise, and (5) free radical activity. Solutions would be potent complete supplementation with all vitamins and minerals including trace, exercise, healthy diet, replacement of hormones, avoidance of free radical producing activity (tobacco, alcohol, coffee, etc.). Also, strontium is known to provide relatively rapid hardening of bones. There is a supplement called Strontium Bone-Up. Consider these measures to be swimming strokes as you are swimming upstream against osteoporosis. As you age the stream flows faster and faster so you cannot afford the luxury to stop your strokes unless you want to be washed out into Osteoporosis Sea.

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