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reactions to allergens and chemicals
Posted by: John
Date: September 10, 2001 3:16 AM

I've had severe allergies my entire life. In recent years I developed allergies to chemicals and foods and severe allergies to molds. Questions: 1. Could all of this be caused by some imbalance that could be treated by "doctoring" the adrenal glands or pituitary gland? 2. I would assume that when I have a reaction, I must suddenly deplete myself of something that takes time to be restored to normal levels. Would you have any idea what sequence of events takes place during one of these reactions I've described? 3. Is there any way you know of to stop a reaction once your in the middle of it? Also, what nutrients are essential for rebuilding after an attack? 4. I'm badly in need of a doctor who knows what's going on but I live in Eastern Ohio? As you probably know most traditional doctors don't know @!#$ about any of this. Do you have any suggestions for finding a doctor I could go to help treat this condition?

RE: reactions to allergens & chemicals
Posted by: Ron Kennedy
Date: September 10, 2001 2:02 PM

Many "allergens" are toxins. The connective tissue of the body (the "mesenchyme") is a toxic waste dump designed to protect the body from sudden ingestions of toxic materials. It acts as a sponge for toxic challenges. It makes up a large percentage of body weight and has a large capacity for toxins. However, it does have a maximum capacity and when that capacity is reached the next toxic load has no place to go and spreads throughout the rest of the body reeking havoc as it spreads. Steps toward improvement would be: (1) detoxification and (2) cessation of toxin ingestion. Examples are non-organically prepared food, drugs of all sorts, petrochemicals of all sorts, common household cleaning materials, city air, tap water, and dental amalgams. As to classic allergens, they tend to disappear with detox. This may require up to one year, but it can be done. I refer you to "Basis of Physical Health," the red tab on left. As adrenals and/or pituitary, I cannot say you do not have a problem there, but I can say they are not necessary to explain your condition.

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