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Pancreatitis w/Cyst
Posted by: Jamie
Date: August 20, 2001 7:29 PM

My fiance was diagnosed with Pancreatitis last month. Since then he has had to go in and out of the hospital. Last week he was admitted into the hospital for a cyst on his Pancreas. The GI specialist said that if the cyst did not "desolve" itself in two months, he will need to have it drained. This does not make sense to me why he could not drain it now, rather then having him wait two months in pain and unable to eat or drink anything. What is your opinion on this? Should he have the cyst drained or is the doctor right is waiting? Keep in mind he cannot eat or drink without being in pain or vomiting.

RE: Pancreatitis w/Cyst
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: August 20, 2001 9:19 PM

In your place I would get a second first-hand opinion - someone who can see the patient in person. On the face of it, you have a good point. You have to remember that all surgical procedures have attendant risks, some of them worse than nausea and vomiting - such as, oh for example, DEATH. A good doctor will weight what we call the risk / benefit ratio before making a recommendation. That does not mean all doctors will agree with each other. It is surely not an exact science. The patient's wishes should have a heavy weight in the final decision, but you have to remember that the doctor bears the medical-legal consequences of whatever he or she does.

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