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getting enough protein
Posted by: Debbie
Date: July 19, 2001 11:03 PM

How does one get enough protein in the diet if one is trying to follow a diet to promote a alkaline state in the body and eradicate candidiasis?

RE: getting enough protein
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: July 20, 2001 4:07 AM

First of all, you can only suppress (but not eradicate) candidiasis with diet alone. When you stop the diet, back comes the yeast. Eliminating the "yeast syndrome" requires regenerating the
immune/digestive system and that path requires removing offending toxins and using the SanPharma remedies. That said, let's talk about diet. Animals do not have a patent on the production of protein. The plant world has also figured out how to do it. Remember these key
words: beans and legumes. You can get all the protein you need from the plant world. The value of animal based high protein diets (Atkins, etc.) is not the overload of unnecessary protein, but the fact that if you are chasing protein like fool's gold then you are not ingesting a mountain of refined carbs (everything made from refined flour - think bread and pasta for example) which is the major source of acidity because it feeds the critters in your gut who produce acid. While it is
true that one can become protein deficient on a vegetarian diet, one can only do that by consuming an unbalanced vegetarian diet. Remember the key words: beans and legumes. A diet (veggie or not) that does not avoid refined carbs as well as that stiffling amount of animal protein many people are shoveling into their systems for it to rot in their colons, is not health promoting. As to Atkins, there is nothing harmful about consuming animal products, but do it to the exclusion of vegetable matter of a long period of time and you may end up like Dr. Atkins with five heart attacks and a stroke. Final advice to remain alkaline and healthy: predominantly vegetarian diet without bread, pastas, etc., and a splash of animal products here and there if you like (although that last part is not necessary). Needless to say, avoid simple sugars.

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