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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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Posted by: Staci
Date: July 6, 2001 8:10 PM

I am 25 years old with three children. I have been having numerous health complaints for the last two years. My symptoms include: extreme fatigue and general achiness all the time, weight gain (from approximately 165 to 194) since the first of this year even though I have cut back to a 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day diet with low cal and low fat, dry hair and dry, pale skin, severe constipation, Irritability and mood swings, very abnormal menstrual cycles and very heavy bleeding with lots of pain, decreased libido, not having the energy to do ANYTHING I used to enjoy, high blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate are all lower than usual, and headaches. In general, I don' t even feel human and feel like life is passing me by. I am not depressed other than feeling guilty for not doing things with my kids. Life is fairly good with a husband and three kids so I would have no reason other than my health to feel depressed. Other relevant information: TSH was checked and showed up "normal" at 4.72 have seven mercury/amalgam fillings that I have had since 1987- two are cracked and haven't had the money to have them fixed (no insurance), Cholesterol is elevated at 250, Have a strong family history of heart disease on father's side (father died of heart attack at age 33, paternal grandmother died of heart attack at age of 65, paternal grandfather also has heart problems), have been "diagnosed" with Adenomyosis by ultrasound and am on Ortho-Tricyclen to treat this.

RE: Hypometabolism
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: July 7, 2001 7:21 PM

Speaking strictly from clinical experience, not trying to diagnose your situation, the most common cause of hypometabolism is generalized toxicity, with an emphasis on heavy metals, and with a sub-emphasis on mercury. And of course the most common source of mercury is
mercury amalgams which the dental profession cavalierly places in teeth without regard to the consequences. However, other metal toxicities as well as toxicities from organic compounds - preservatives, pesticides, etc. will also slow metabolism. Detoxification is the key when the problems lie in this area. You really need a doctor who is versed in these problems and a dentist who understands the problem with mercury. These are rare people and you will certainly not find one with the phone book unless you are amazingly lucky. In addition, it is likely that your digestion is severely damaged by the metal toxicity and you may also have developed a chronic infection in the gut wall. If you have had dental extractions and/or root canals, you may be dealing with the problem of cavitations as well.

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