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Low Temp, Mercury, Hypometabolism
Posted by: Davey
Date: June 25, 2001 6:34 PM

My situation is: 40+ years good health; 2 years tired and rundown; one year chronic poor health, some symptoms of CFS, Fibromyalgia, tested low for hormones and immune functions. Saw lots of docs, eventually tested high for both mercury and cadmium. Currently completing amalgam removal and ready to begin DMSA detox. My temp has been chronically low. 3 x 60 mg Armour Thyroid for the past 5 weeks seems to have provided a slight temp increase and my temp jumped up to 98.6 in the evening for several days after 3 weeks removing 11 of 12 amalgams, but temp has subsequently fallen off. Current average morning basal is 97, oral mid-morning average is 97.3 moving up to around 98.3 in the evening. My tongue is usually coated, most heavily in the mornings and on days that I feel worst. Diflucan, Nystatin and natural anti-fungals have been tried but coated tongue continues. I sense my system is very toxic. Iíve read your articles on Wilsonís, hypometabolism, hypothyroidism and mercury and see both their interaction and their connection to low body temp. Would I be a good candidate for Wilsonís T3 therapy? More Armour now? Or wait until after mercury and cadmium detox to see if my systems come back ďon-line?" I know I feel better when my temp is up. Possibly getting my temp up now will help my body detox?

RE: Low Temp, Mercury, Hypometabolism
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: June 25, 2001 11:22 PM

Generalized toxicity is the major cause of hypometabolism and is the underlying cause for most of human illness in these days. As to how to correct hypometabolism, there is no single key that fits the lock in every case. While thyroid correction helps with detox, more vigorous detox does more to correct hypometabolism than anything else. For intestinal detox, the Arise and Shine system is the best, although it should be carried out with the advice of an experienced health professional. Exercise is beneficial due to sweating which is a detox measure (same with sauna). Getting the heavy metals out is critically important and you are already engaged in that. Chronic infections have to be indentified and dealt with, the most usual being gut wall infection and cavitations. Food intolerances can be identified using electrodermal screening and elimination of those foods is very important to overall sense of well-being.

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