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Posted by: Rosalyn
Date: June 25, 2001 5:30 AM

As a result of ulcerative colitis, my husband has an illiostomy. He had surgery in 1995 and his entire large intestine was removed. He has had about 4-6 obstructions since that time. The first time was about 2 weeks after the surgery and we went to the hospital because we didn't know what it was. He is in extremely pain during the obstruction and we have been told there is nothing that can be done except to wait until it passes. Is there anything you can suggest to help during these uncomfortable events?

RE: illiostomy
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: June 25, 2001 11:25 PM

Use of enzymes for complete digestion and plenty of water would work to keep the intestinal contents in a semi-solid state and to the degree that contributes to the obstruction, should help. If the cause is volvulus (the intestine turning on itself), if it continues to happen in the same place, you may want to talk to your surgeon about a surgical correction.

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