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tonsilectomy/adnoidectomy aftereffects
Posted by: melissa
Date: May 18, 2001 1:53 PM

I have long believed that the concept of a tonsilectomy and or adnoidectomy was sincerely flawed and that there were many other treatments that should be explored (besides antibiotics) befor proceding, if it should be done at all. Since this I have learned that I have a long family history of severe allergies, and am trying to convince my doctor to get allergy shots.

I had the surgery for infections that didnt respond to antibiotics so now not only can the invaders resist antibiotics, but my own body as well. I got very ill after and have never felt the same;furthermore, now I have all the same symptoms that I had befor the surgery, swelling in the same areas as the structures causeing the same difficulties. I'm just woundering if there is hope of regaining normal immune function within my sinus and upper GI tract.

I guess there's no way to regrow these structures, but with our technology, there should be soon. Of course that would call for studies showing the harm done and the doctors at fault. Perhaps this "discovery" will have to wait til those doctors have retired. Do you know anything about the long term effects of this surgery or whether any countermeasures have been developed?

Sincerely missing my anatomy,


RE: tonsilectomy/adnoidectomy aftereffects
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 18, 2001 2:28 PM

These structures are, as you know, made of lymphoid tissue, and stand as guardians to the GI tract and the respiratory system. They should not be removed, on this we agree. However, short of waiting for the technology to regrow them, there are ways to compensate. The absence of these tissues favors a progressive dysbiosis of the bacteria which inhabit these regions. That is to say, they no longer live in harmony with your body and the body goes into a state of reaction to their presence. It is not possible to eradicate them - bacteria are ubiquitous on all surfaces of the body, both internal and external surfaces, so antibiotics are useless; they will always repopulate. However, the SANUM and SanPharma remedies can restore eubiosis. These areas did not become dysbiotic overnight and their regression does not happen suddenly either. Treatment on the order of one year is usually required. More details are presented in the article above: Basis of Physical Health (blue button).

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