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Thyroid, Iodine, hypometabolism
Posted by: RG
Date: May 12, 2001 8:30 AM

What are the complications of having a "dead" thyroid, being allergic to iodine (both topical and that in seafood), and extremely low metabolism? At 44 my wife also suffers from ulcerative cholitis, regular bladder and kidney infections, and had an absolutely complete hysterectomy as a result of a football-size fibroid tumor two years ago. Her internist told her she "could eat only air and still gain weight." Before the hysterectomy he prescribed 1/2 of the Phen-Fen thing for 9 months and she lost 40-45 lbs. Since then, even with sane diet, fiber, and regular exercise, almost all of the weight has come back. She believes she needs to lose about 80 pounds. Synthroid and tri-compound hormone supplements (and Asacol when she's out of remission) keep her emotionally level. Before you even respond, thank you for your extensive library and informed common sense approach.

RE: Thyroid, Iodine, hypometabolism
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 12, 2001 1:25 PM

If what you write is the way it is, there is no doubt that metabolism is slowed and/or there is a defect in carbohydrate metabolism. The first place to look in carbohydrate metabolism. We all have the same metabolic pathways, but those pathways are not always weighted in the same way. Everyone converts simple and refined carbs to fat cells and stores the fat, but some people almost instantly convert all simple and refined carbs to fat. Once all these carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms are in the form of fat molecules and inside cells, they will not come out unless one practically starves oneself. That makes weight loss very difficult. So, once the weight is lost, by whatever means, there can be no consumption of simple and refined carbohydrates - none. That includes all sweet stuff, pasta, bread, and also the refined carbs of nature - potatoes and rice. (continued...)

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Re: RE: Thyroid, Iodine, hypometabolism
Posted by: drron
Date: September 27, 2007 4:59 PM

(...continued) Detoxification can play a significant role in maintaining weight loss. The working theory behind this approach is that the slow metabolism are due to a kind of log-jam of toxins. Think of metabolism as a river. ideally it is clean and clear and flows well. throw in a little trash and it continues to flow, flushing out the trash. Overload it with garbage and it will slow down and if one continues to overload it, eventually it stops and floods the plain. As to what toxic material may be present, I can only guess from this distance. Mercury from a mouthful of mercury amalgams leads the list, at least in America, and the Generalized Toxicity Syndrome is not uncommon either - preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, etc. etc. I suggest you find a doctor who specializes in detoxification and work with that person. This will probably be a long term project of clearing the system of toxins. As to the allergy to iodine, that is a litle hard to imagine as iodine is essential to life. The allergy may be to the way iodone is prepared. Shop around for a different form of iodine.

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