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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
Welcome to Ask Dr. Kennedy. We encourage you to post your comments and questions here. We look forward to challenging questions as they are an education for us as well as for you. Please consider the following guidelines when posting:

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Inositol Niacinate
Posted by: William
Date: May 3, 2001 5:10 AM

My wife lowered her cholesterol from 290 mg/dl to 215 with 1000 mg/day of Flush-Free Niacin (inositol niacinate)in 3 months. She also took 1500 mg of Lecithin twice a day and went on a 200 mg max cholesterol-intake diet. She reported no side effects and her blood work showed no liver damage. Her doctor told her about it and how much to take. Now, she is taking 1500 mg/day of Flush-Free Niacin to see if she can reduce it to normal. Why isn't there more data and info on the new Flush-Free Niacin as it seems to work much better than the plain niacin? Our doctor is experimenting with Flush-Free Niacin and told us he's happier with it than with the statins.

RE: Inositol Niacinate
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 3, 2001 1:16 PM

The proper name is Inositol Hexaniacinate. There is no shortage of information about it. Use Library Search above right and read up on this web site, or go on an Internet search engine. If you are asking why most doctors do not promote it - same reason they do not promote other natural remedies - they are brainwashed by the pharmaceutical company propaganda - a terminal condition which had its onset in medical school.

RE: Inositol Niacinate
Posted by: Werewolf King
Date: May 4, 2001 3:18 AM

Do you think my wife can lower her cholesterol to normal with 1500 mg IN per day? She is taking also 3600 mg. lecithin caps, bid, and 200 mg. max cholesterol diet.

RE: Inositol Niacinate
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 4, 2001 3:43 AM

I cannot know. Nor can I recommend it as she is not my patient. You may enjoy reading my piece on "The Great Cholesterol Hoax." You can find it in the article on Testosterone.

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