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Posted by: Susan
Date: March 8, 2001 1:05 AM

I have had pain around my vaginal area for almost four years now. I was told a year ago that it was a condition called vestibulitis where the lubrication glands are infected and painful. Usually, women only have painful Bartholinís glands to touch, but my Skeinís glands are worse and constantly painful. I have had STD tests done and bacteria and yeast cultures but nothing was found. I have been treated many times over the years for yeast infections and did have an outbreak of HPV about five years ago. A doctor finally diagnosed me with vestibulitis a year ago and tried an estrogen cream and a strong steroid cream for about 2 months (one morning and one at night), but I think the pain only increased if anything. I am mainly contact sore, but that means even using a pad or tampon during my period makes me miserable. My doctor has suggested surgery where the strip of skin including the Bartholinís glands be removed but I am only 21 and afraid of taking any such drastic measures. Is there anything else I could try? I have read about Australian Tea Tree Oil having many dermatologic uses - might this help or worsen my condition? I would try almost anything now!

RE: Vestibulitis
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 8, 2001 1:40 AM

Many people have found d-LENOLATE (an olive leaf extract) to be of benefit in similar situations.

RE: Vestibulitis
Posted by: Susan
Date: March 8, 2001 6:22 PM

Do the basic olive leaf extract capsules (powdered extract) contain d-Lenolate? Or is d-Lenolate a specific product I could find at a nutrition store alone?

RE: Vestibulitis
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 8, 2001 11:48 PM

The one I use is calle d-LENOLATE. That is the name of the active anti-biotic in olive leaf extract. It is not available over the counter to my knowledge.

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