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Flushing Gallstones
Posted by: Twila
Date: March 4, 2001 4:51 AM

Have you ever heard of flushing gallstones, if they are small enough to pass, by drinking Olive Oil? Does it work? Also read that by eating soy products there is a chance that they will dissolve. And, is it possible that by not having enough protein in one's diet that it can be a factor in the cause of gallstones?

RE: Flushing Gallstones
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 5, 2001 4:31 AM

There is a protocol for that which involves olive oil and lemon juice. It usually works. It would be safe to say that consumption of soy would decrease the incidence of gall stones in a population since gall stones contain calcium and cholesterol and soy (unless it is "fortified") does not. Dissolving the stones by eating soy seems like a pipe dream to me. Once they are formed they do not dissolve under conditions which occur in the gall bladder. Rather, they need to be expelled. As to protein, if it comes with cholesterol and calcium (animal derived protein) then that should increase the probability of gall stones. That is one more problem with the Atkins and similar diets.

RE: Flushing Gallstones
Posted by: gknight
Date: April 18, 2001 3:13 PM

Dr. Kennedy,

Thank you for your quick reply....I appreciate your clarification.

RE: Flushing Gallstones
Posted by: Twila
Date: April 18, 2001 11:05 PM


Wow, has the 11th come and gone already?! Okay everyone, I too was a bit confused with the 'flush' Dr. Kennedy provided, and made my own interpretation. I also had my appt with the Gastr.... doctor, who, after a lot of questions and answers, I have complete faith in. He warned against trying to dissolve and/or flush the stones out. A person risks getting a stone stuck in the bile duct and THEN you have problems - you'll have the gall bladder removed. If they dissolve on their own, then they dissolve and usually won't go anywhere. A flush only increases your chance of one of them getting stuck. Definitely not my idea of fun!

There is medication to dissolve cholesterol stones, but usually only prescribed due to the (surgery) risk for the patient. And, even then the stones are likely to form again.

As it turns out, the term is "A-symtomatic" - I interpreted that as now that I have read about the many different symptoms, I am experiencing that symptom. THAT I was not happy to hear because I am not that type of a person! It is felt that I have had these stones for quite some time, and may have them for a long time without problems. But, that doesn't mean I won't. Just not necessary to take out the gall bladder. now Also, the doctor felt what I was experiencing may be a bacteria infection and put me on Flagyl, which is an antibiotic for bacteria infection in the lower tract. At first, I was feeling less discomfort, then it started to return (after 4 days). I paid close attention to everything - what food I ate, and my posture. I finally have decided that what I am experiencing with the 'cramping' directly under my right rib is not the gall bladder, but a muscle in association with the fractured rib (still healing) - it was my posture! I also feel that anything tight about the stomach also encouraged the discomfort - like the stirrup streatch pants I like to wear. Stopped wearing them and paid more attention to my posture while sitting (when it would begin). I sit and work on a computer all day; at home, I spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on one. I was 'hunching' up, and any tight waist was riding high. I also use the 'mouse' with my right hand/arm - right rib, right hand - I was leaning more to my right than sitting up straight.

I am very thankful for the various web sites we can obtain good, straight forward information on, and especially for the assistance, Dr. Kennedy, you have given. I was able to meet with my doctors being better informed so that I was able to ask clear, concise questions. When I am given a medication, I know that we have discussed all the different avenues and I walk out feeling confident in the diagnosis.

Again, thank you Dr. Kennedy!

Twila B.

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