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Female hair loss
Posted by: Sharon Kershner
Date: March 2, 2001 9:29 PM

I have suffered with alopecia totalis for about 5 years. I recently came across information
that EPD could potentialy help this condition. Has anyone heard of anyone with my
condition being helped by this treatment? I have tried many topical treatments over
the years with no results, and am afraid to begin anything new without checking into it thoroughly first.

Thanks for any input anyone has!

RE: Female hair loss
Posted by: Alice
Date: March 4, 2001 3:15 PM

I am 61 years old and am experiencing my 3rd round of alopecia. My hair has been coming out since last May and continues to come out. I have many large bald spots - enough that I started wearing a wig. Hulda Clark who wrote a Cure for All Disease believes that all auto immune diseases are caused by parasites. I have just stared taking herbs to rid myself of parasites and am anxious to see if it works. I have not heard of whatever it was that you mentioned in your question. Can you send me more info? Thanks from Alice in Arizona

RE: Female hair loss
Posted by: Diane
Date: March 11, 2001 4:05 PM

I am sorry, I have been lossing my hair since the brith of my 1st son 12yrs ago. I am sorry cause I know how people treat you as well as the doctors who figure you should be happy your healthy. I am also wondering if this EPD is worth looking into. I have found a way to keep up with the hair loss. I use minxoidil & herbs for womens menapouse ( black cohosh, it helps with hormones ) In my case THE PILL or black cohosh have slowed my patchy hair loss to a point that minxoidil can help. I know this isn't a cure and that is what I am looking for. hopfuly we can find some anwsers.
I know you were looking for some one who had used EPD, I just never talked to anyone with this condition . Thank you

RE: Female hair loss
Posted by: shannon
Date: March 20, 2001 1:05 AM

Have you looked into Wilson's Syndrome. It is a thyroid disorder that does not show up on tests. good luck

RE: Female hair loss
Posted by: Alice
Date: March 20, 2001 1:16 AM

I have never heard of this but will check into it. I have been on thyroid hormone for several years.

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