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Ketosis, weight loss, and Atkin's Diet
Posted by: John R.
Date: January 19, 2001 7:15 AM

Correct me if wrong, but to lose weight you must get your body to burn fat, and to do that your body must need that fat for energy, and the only way your body will convert fat to glucose is if the bloodstream is low on glucose. I'm assuming this is why the Atkins and other ketogenic diets restrict, if not completely deny, carbs.

Would it be true to say that if I had lost actual weight, and not water weight, that my body was experiencing ketosis, regardless of the diet I was on? So whether I was on a all protein diet, an all carb diet, or a combination of the two, and there was weight loss, ketosis must have occurred...true or not?

These ketogenic diets are big on the "eat whatever, just along as it isn't carbs," but what's the difference? If I ate 1500 calories of steak and cheese or 1500 calories of bagels and table sugar, but I burned 2500 calories during the day, wouldn't the end result be the same for either meal, having a caloric intake deficit compared to energy output sometime during the day, causing the body to revert to fat stores for fuel?

RE: Ketosis and weight loss
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 20, 2001 1:43 AM

What you say is true: calories in versus calories out determines weight gain or loss. The question is how to arrive at less calories in than out. I will not pretend that a ketogenic diet (fats and proteins without significant carbs) is a healthy choice, however apparently it does satisfy appetite so that most people can control their compulsion to consume large quantities of food. The long term effect of a ketogenic diet is free radical production and thus degenerative disease. Let me quote Dr. Atkins' autopsy report: "The coroner found he weighed 258 lbs, he had hypertension ( high blood pressure ) congestive heart failure, and his heart showed evidence of multiple past heart attacks." Dr. Atkins is thought to have had a heart attack then fell and hit his head. The head trauma was initially blamed for his death.

Therefore if one is going to apply a ketogenic diet, it should be for the short-term, not as a permanent way of life. The problem is that when the weight is lost and you go back to a healthy balanced diet, the underlying problem which caused the weight gain in the first place rears its ugly head, namely gluttony. So, here is the catch-22.

Gluttony is a spiritual problem. We live in a culture which tells us we should have instant gratification for every little discomfort, including hunger. There is no effort given to practicing (or teaching our children) abstinence or restraint in any area of life. This arises from Hedonism, a religion whose gods are Sex and Food. Hedonism is descended from Materialism and Commercialism which are the other major religions of our time. The gods of these religions are Stuff and Money respectively. (You gotta have Stuff and Money to be a good Hedonist.)

The overconsumption of food is the major cause of premature aging and disease, so it leads to illness and when we look to see how we can loose some weight we are told we should not have to suffer to achieve anything, so take a pill, try a magic formula, or head for the fat and protein so you don't have to feel the slightest twinge of discomfort.

Life is about the flow of energy and when this flow is blocked by devotion to false gods, there is expansion and pain at the point of blockage and Death is not far behind, first of the spirit and eventually of the body. We are all prisoners in this trap like bugs in a jar. The way out is spiritual renewal, but that is not an answer which the paradigms of Hedonism, Materialism, and Commercialism will allow us. To regain the health nature intended for us requires us to tread the narrow path. The Atkins diet is definitely part of the broad highway and you remember where that leads.

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