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poland syndrome
Posted by: Mary
Date: January 16, 2001 7:08 PM

I am looking for any information on a rare disorder called Poland Syndrome. Any symptoms and terms would be appreciated. It's a rare disorder of the pectoralis muscle and usually only affects the right side of the body. And only 2% of the population has this disorder.

RE: poland syndrome
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 17, 2001 12:37 AM

Poland's syndrome is a rare congenital developmental disorder characterized by absence or underdevelopment of certain muscles of the chest, namely the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and/or other nearby muscles). Also associated are abnormally short, webbed fingers. Other features can include underdevelopment or absence of one nipple, including the areola and/or patchy hair growth under the arm. In females, one breast may also be underdeveloped or absent. In some cases, affected individuals may also exhibit underdeveloped upper ribs and/or an abnormally short arm with underdeveloped forearm bones on the affected side. In most cases, physical abnormalities are confined to one side of the body. In approximately 75 percent of cases, the right side of the body is affected. The range and severity of symptoms may vary from case to case. The cause of Poland's syndrome is unknown. I do not know the incidence, but there is no chance that 2% of the population has the disorder as you state as that would mean about six million people in the U.S. would have it and all of us would know several people with the syndrome, and that is certainly not the case.

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