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Edible Oxygen & Vinegar
Posted by: Linda C.
Date: January 13, 2001 8:40 AM

I have tried a product for various ailments called Vital Ion Edible Oxygen which claims to balance the pH level and restore T-Cells, etc. It isn't hydrogen peroxide, but stabilized oxygen. Wondering if you've heard of it. I personally can attest, on a different note, that my study of immunizations for Mold allergy reveals that it does not work for the many other sufferers I've consulted. I would agree that allergy is a result of acidic imbalance or chemical toxicity. Question 1: As distilled vinegar is full of mold, wouldn't apple cider vinegar be just as bad? I did read your "analysis" article and wonder, since the new genetic engineering completely bypasses natural selection, and I developed allergy the year it came on the market, what negative effect these created organisms are having on the human body. Question 2: How long (really) can antibiotics stay in the body? I don't believe it's days but probably years? Question 3: Some digestive enzymes include Aspergillus, so would they still be good to take if a person has yeast imbalance?

RE: Edible Oxygen & Vinegar
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 13, 2001 2:27 PM

I do not know about "edible oxygen." There are many ways to aklalinize the body, however until chronic infections (usually located in the gut wall and in cavitations in the jaws) the effect is only temporary as the source of acid is internal.

As to acidic vinegar, probably a human being could live a lifetime and not have to touch the stuff, however external sources of fungus, mold and yeast have little effect if one is alkaline and if one is not alkaline these items are opportunistic and will find their way into your body even if you avoid all obvious sources.

The literature is curiously silent on the issue of duration of antibiotics in the body. A percentage of all foreign (and domestic as well) molecules are processed in the liver each time they pass through, so you would think they disappear pretty soon. That is not to say their ill effects will not endure.

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