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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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Recommended books on nutrition and natural Tx
Posted by: Jarrod Roussel
Date: January 10, 2001 3:28 PM

I am a Physician Assistant student at the Medical University of South Carolina, and I want
to know if there are any good objective sources for nutrition, nutritional healing, alternative medicine, homeopathic medicine, or natural treatments. I am very new to my search for this
information so I don't have any good suggestions for good textbooks or resource material.

First of all, I believe that there are many things that conventional medicine is overlooking in
regard to proper health management, disease prevention, and natural means for cures. (I feel it is a matter of "Garbage in, garbage out." vs. Proper building blocks yields a strong structure.) I also know that there are people selling nutritional items that will give you whatever anecdotal information they can to make their product more attractive. Are their any objective sources of tested data? I want to know the good and the bad of homeopathic medicine. As a future provider, I will encounter people self-medicating with herbs that may be bad, so I would like resources that can offer that information as well.

As a future provider of health care, I want to give my patients accurate and COMPLETE information. Thanks!

RE: Recommended books on nutrition and natural Tx
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 10, 2001 4:34 PM

I suggest you register for the American College for Advancement in Medicine conferences and begin your education there. ACAM is devoted to answering the questions you have posed. They meet every six months, and fortunately the next one is in close to you, in Tennessee, around April I beleive. Call them at (800) 532-3688 and ask information to be sent, or visit their website at:

Also, there is a newsletter writen by a P.A. in Sacramento which summarizes the scientific literature relating to herbs, vitamins, etc., and excellent publication which comes out monthly: Kirk Hamilton (916) 369-6885.

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