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Wilson's Syndrome
Posted by: Kerrie
Date: January 7, 2001 8:35 PM

In your article on Wilson's Reverse T3 Dominance Syndrome you explained the syndrome and it's treatment, but I was wondering what the responce to the treatment has been. What percentage of people are recovering after treatment, how many aren't , have there been any serious problems in relation to the treatment? Also, you stated that the Time Release T3 Therapy is only available from compounding pharmacies. How would I find one?

RE: Wilson's Syndrome
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 8, 2001 2:16 AM

In my opinion, Wilson's syndrome is rare. Wilson's is one example of hypometabolism - the metabolic rate of the body slowing down. There are other, far more common causes. However, Dr. Wilson seems to have decided that all hypometabolism is Wilson's syndrome. Other causes included inadequate digestion and absorption, chronic infection (often of the gut wall), and heavy metal (usually mercury) toxicity. In my practice Wilson's syndrome accounts for about 1% of the cases of hypometabolism. It is diagnosed by the T3 and Reverse T3 tests. When it is present, it responds very well to Wilson's protocol. In fact, Wilson's protocol has some effect on people who have other causes of hypometabolism but they tend to backslide (i.e. their temperatures drop again) if the basic cause is not addressed.

To finding a compounding pharmacy, go to a search engine and type in the words "compounding pharmacies." If you do not see one in your area, call one of the pharmacies listed and ask for a referral to your area.

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