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bullous pemphigoid
Posted by: rozy
Date: December 11, 2000 5:54 PM

I am 71 and in generally good condition. Since July i have been bothered with pimples that are itchy and stinging. Three doctors treated me for scabies which afterwards was ruled out. I was then treated for bullous pemphigoid and that too was 99% ruled out. I was hospitalized for two weeks for the above and given Prednisone, Losec, Otarex among other medications. I was then released with a diagnosis of Urticaria and was on Prednisone and Otarex until I reached the amount of 5 mg. of Prednisone after which I was off all medications. Two days after being off all medications all my symptoms started returning - pimples, itchiness and stinging. I am now on Fenistil of 40 drops at night and Nocturno. In the morning I use a moisturizer on my skin and at night Elocom on the pimples. None of the symptoms are going away but seem to be getting worse. Is there a name for what I have and is there anything I can do for relief or to cure this condition?

RE: bullous pemphigoid
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 11, 2000 6:09 PM

It is very probable that your body is trying to detox itself and skin eruptions are one of the ways this can manifest. The association of this disorder with heavy metal and other toxicities is high. This is not an approach with which your doctor will be familiar. Finding the right health practitioner can be a real problem. Naturopaths tend to know more about how to detox than other docs. The Arise and Shine Detox system is one which I use and hold in high regard.

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