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Distilled Water
Posted by: Barbara Rozen
Date: December 10, 2000 4:06 PM

I'm confused about the difference of opinion regarding distilled water. Having recently started drinking home-distilled water, I'm wondering if I'm doing myself a favor, or setting myself up for future problems, and perhaps, according to some, even early death! Below are two articles which reflect the opinion that distilled water is deleterious to one's health. Compelling arguments are made to avoid distilled water for prolonged general usage.


RE: Distilled Water
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 10, 2000 7:14 PM

You know my opinion, simply read the article. I would add that supplementation with a balanced form of minerals is important, however dirt dissolved in water is not my idea of a balanced form of minerals not to mention that they are not chelated minerals.

RE: Distilled Water
Posted by: Larry Butler
Date: December 12, 2000 4:13 AM

I read with great interest your article on distilled water. I am a distiller, here, consuming it instead of the sewage delivered by the Charleston, SC, Commissioners of Public Works. I call it sewage and anyone in doubt can look at my boiler after 10 hours of runtime.

There are some AWFUL webpages from BOTH sides of this issue! Unfortunately, for the good doctor on my side whos article is quoted here, he BLASTED away any credibility in the truth of the article with the spam selling a brand of commercial distiller at the bottom, his paid endorsement, no doubt. So, the good parts of the article become moot as he works for the distiller manufacturer, sort of like those doctors who work for the tobacco companies. Very unfortunate.

I did read about how I was going to DIE EARLY from drinking distilled water. I, also, traced the MONEY source for this article....the bottled water industry. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell them if it weren't for "distillation", the water cycle of evaporating seawater, rain and its collection in reasonably clean vessels for animals and plants to consume, be flushed by it to return waste to the sea for recycling, life on Earth would become quite impossible.....

I don't think the "truth" about our distillations will ever be published, by either side, as long as vast sums of MONEY, the worst polluter of all mankind, has so much to do with it. I must admit to you I got involved quite on a whim. A very nice, white porcelin and stainless steel distiller, brand new and unused, showed up at a thrift shop I love to root through for $18, complete, even with manual. They didn't even know what it was. It lacked a carbon filter on either input or output. I've added both an inline carbon filter to its faucet-connected supply line for prefiltering and an 8", stainless steel, home-made column made from a gourmet food baster body on top of my glass collection bottle. I use activated carbon, not charcoal, which you can buy at any WalMart pet shop. It is REALLY activated. If you pour water over it, you'd think it was going to explode!

The water is filtered by a genuine Mr Coffee filter to filter out the carbon dust before entering the storage bottle.

I took a fresh sample AND an OLD sample that had been stored for 3 weeks in the collector to the water quality lab of the city water department. I was interested in the OLD sample because some of the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) on the net said it would grow green slime that would attack you in the night if you DARED store it over 24 hours. It was more lies. The NICE gentlemen of the water quality lab tested it for a huge list of biological, mineral, chemical and those dastardly dissolved gasses the FUD-rackers tell you is SO dangerous in distilled water. MY water was 8 times MORE pure than the laboratory can produce! We had a great lunch and discussed my process at great length.

Thank you for the thread on distilled water. I have a history of KIDNEY STONES, compliments of the CaCO3 found in coastal SC drinking waters. I never drank much cola, even when I was young. My "souvenir" from laser lythotripsy (sp?), that nearly killed me, is reason enough to FLUSH MY SYSTEM with distilled water!

Larry Butler
Charleston, SC
We can't avoid all contaminated water, but we don't have to drink it full time!

RE: Distilled Water
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 12, 2000 5:20 AM

Larry -

Thanks for your comments. Too bad we can't have rap music in the background as you distill out those impassioned revelations of your. Thanks again !

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