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chronic sinusitis
Posted by: mark
Date: November 24, 2000 6:02 PM

In an previous topic regarding low body temperature, you responded stating a chronic infection could be one possible cause. Almost a year ago I had a CT scan, and it showed chronic sinusitis. At a recent visit to a doctor, I asked about finally getting to the underlying cause of multiple symptoms, including low body temp and regurgitating blood. His response - "I don't believe you have one underlying issue. I believe you have several things going on." He did say the chronic sinusitis could lower the body temp and cause regurgitating blood. He said I need a six week regimen of antibiotics. I have rejected these in the past because of the stomach reaction to them, however I gave in because he said my temp should come back to normal. He feels I have “somataform” disorder, whereby a person has true physical symptoms with no underlying serious illness. Do you agree with any of this? Conventional doctors make it sound as if a CT scan is the final word.

RE: chronic sinusitis
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: November 24, 2000 7:22 PM

There is underlying cause for all disorders. Sometimes doctors cannot discover what it is, but there is no effect without cause save for God's direct interventions (and in that case God is cause). Long term use of antibiotics is dangerous to long term health as it dysregulates the immune system which predisposes to further illness. The most common cause of sustained lowered body temperature is chronic infection of the intestinal wall. Clearing up a gut wall infection will almost always relieve most of the other manifestations of a dysregulated immune system (such as chronic infections elsewhere and occasionally collagen vascular disease). Although I have to add "not always completely." If the condition has persisted for many years there may be residual impairment which we have not yet figured out how to reverse. Nevertheless, one can expect at least some amelioration of symptoms.

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