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Yeast/Anal Fissure
Posted by: Lynn
Date: October 27, 2000 5:01 PM

I have anal fissures that keep coming back. Could yeast cause fissures? I would think if yeastmakes it so our skin cracks and burns easily (like my vagina) that it could be the cause of my fissures as well. I never see this on any lists of symptoms and wondered.

I have taken antibiotics 16 times in the last 18 months. I KNOW I have a yeast problem---I have now been diagnosed with vulvodynia (vaginal burning with no bacteria/yeast but I believe they have not cultured it long enough to find the resistant or non-albicans yeast) and none of my 3 doctors I have seen for this believe it is a yeast overgrowth. Yet I have other symptoms that say YES it is. They don't believe in yeast syndrome.


RE: Yeast/Anal Fissure
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: October 31, 2000 3:55 AM

With all that antibiotic use it would be miraculous if you did not have yearst/fungus overgrowth. Whatever your health problem for which you have used antibiotics, you need to rethink your approach. Obviously, this method is not getting the job done. There are natural ways of fending off infections, and you also need to discover and correct the condition which makes you an incubator for micro-organisms. Let me add a suggestion to read the following article:


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