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Dr. Kennedy - blood blisters
Posted by: Andreas
Date: October 13, 2000 8:11 PM

What is the cause of small blood blisters on the skin? I have quite a few all over my body. Some are the size of a pin head and others are a little bigger.

RE: Dr. Kennedy - blood blisters
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: October 18, 2000 4:45 AM

An important cause of blood blisters is insect bites. Some biting insects, notably ticks, fleas, and mosquitos, inject an anticoagulant which prevents blood from clotting while it is sucked out. After the meal is over, you continue to bleed under the skin forming a blood blister. The size of the blood blister corresponds to the size of the insect. If this is the case and you are not aware of the bite, it is probably happening at night while you are sleeping. These creatures also inject an anesthetic which prevents you from feeling the bite. Nasty little creatures, aren't they? If you have a pet, you may want to consider requiring that it sleep outside.

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