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Myofascial Syndrome
Posted by: Judy Hall
Date: October 4, 2000 5:01 PM

I have been a chronic pain patient for the past 10 years. After doing low impact aerobics 5 days a week for almost a year, the myofascial tissue in my neck and upper back began to harden and form knots. I have managed my pain fairly effectively with trigger release massage, muscle relaxants, meditation and when needed pain pills. Last November while on a business trip to Manhattan, I walked some distance. Two blocks before my hotel, I was in great pain in my hip. I was also diagnosed in August of last year with hepatitis C that I received from my ex-husband 30 years ago. Based on everything I have read, you usually begin to have symptoms of hep C at the 20th year of infection which was when my chronic pain began. My liver is healthy and the virus is being well contained by my immune system and Mayo's has determined that the virus is almost undetectable. I have also read about transfer factors and hep C in conjunction with fibromyalgia. I did sustain a severe whiplash when I rolled 4 times in a VW Bug in 1965 and all of the myofascial pain started in those areas affected by the whiplash. Since November I have been in almost continuous pain and have seen 7 doctors, most recently a group of neurologists and pain management physiotherapist. I've had PT which made me worse, a spinal pain block which seem to spread the pain from the right hip to my tail bone, left hip and down both legs and feet. I am covered now with knots. My ilium is now rotated backwards, my tail bone is twisted the opposite way of my spine and my pubic bone is off center. I can't sit for any length of time as it feels like I'm sitting on rocks. Nothing is working and I only seem to be getting worse. They now have me on 4 weeks sick leave and I've only had 3 fairly good days since then. I'm taking soma/compound/codeine and Clonapin which relaxes my muscles, but not the myofascial tissue. Help!

RE: Myofascial Syndrome
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: October 7, 2000 4:12 PM

You have followed the standard medical approach, allowing your body to be filled with medications (toxins). I read nothing about pursuit of a healthy life style, clean diet, detoxification procedures, etc. It would appear that you have reached one of the destinations of allopathic medicine. Many people do not reach that destination as they manage somehow to get off the program and allow their bodies to regain balance. Unfortunately you have not been able to do that and now you are looking down a blind alley. What you need now is to educate yourself about the importance of detoxification. I suggest the book Cleanse and Purify Thyself by Richard Anderson.

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